Stalking used to be romantic.

Barbra Ann.
Mama to Lucille.

Breakfast in bed.

Breakfast in bed.

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Anonymous asked: I can be a girl.

If you want me, come off anon so you can give me real attention :p

Anonymous asked: You know what i like in a woman like you? My dick.

My boyfriend is starting to think you have a thing for me.

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Anonymous asked: Are you a drill sergeant? Because you have my privates standing at attention.


I really want to have sex with a girl. :(

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Paper Towns Quotes | Lettering Posters

I am such a sucker for cleverly put words. It’s just fascinating how simple words, when written so elegantly, can bear so much weight. John Green, ladies and gentlemen.

(These are available on Redbubble and Society6)



Shout out to Ellie’s relative who fires a gun in church 

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Anonymous asked: Hi. Im sorry im being creepy, i would just like to inform you that my couch pulls out, but i don't.

Well, how about I come over to your pull out couch and have birth control. :p

You’re being so cute and weird and thank you because I am having a bad day.

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